18 months

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January 25, 2017 by Heather


Dear Oliver,

You continue to light up our lives in every single way.  Between you and Parker, we are never short on laughter, energy (you boys), and exhaustion (us).  The past few months have held some big moments for you:  Christmas, New Year’s, and walking!  You sort of did a walk/crawl combo for a while, but around the holidays you decided to pick walking and stick with it.  It is still really funny watching you figure it out — you tend to do this funny little saunter with your belly out and your knees bent, kind of like a cowboy…?  You also like to stumble backwards until you bump into something and fall.  And you like to turn around in circles — what I call “twirling” and your father calls “pivoting.”



The holidays were a lot of fun with you and your brother.  We got you your own set of blocks, a tool kit, and a toy remote control.  Parker got a Power Ranger Megazord and a Kindle, and you both got stockings full of snacks.  Christmas morning was special, even if you did make every attempt to grab things out of Parker’s hands.  He’s just going to have to get used to that, isn’t he?




One of the funniest/weirdest things about you right now is your obsession with blenders and vacuum cleaners.  Not only do you take great joy in the actual blender and vacuum, but you manage to turn any object into one of the two.  You have a really great noise that you make…strangely enough you give both appliances the same sound, but it works.  The other night I caught you making a blender out of random kitchen objects — the milk frother, a measuring cup, and then the lid to the frother.  The end result did look quite like a blender. We were impressed.  Parker’s school has a play blender in one of the centers, and of course you make a beeline straight for it every time we go to pick him up.



Your favorite foods are:  animal crackers, bananas, strawberries, yogurt, eggs, granola bars, French fries, chicken, and cucumbers.  You also love smoothies, although I think that is largely due to the fact that we use the blender to make them.



You don’t say many actual words just yet — you say Mama and Nana and Dada, and then Ba for bath, Da for dog, etc.  The beginnings of lots of words.  You are a very observant little fellow.  You are careful to place things back where you got them from and you have a good memory about where things belong.  You will even come into the bathroom and put the lid back on my hairspray if it’s out on the counter.  I am really trying to nurture this ability.



You and Parker keep each other entertained.  You will even go back to his room and shut the door and play, sometimes in the dark with flashlights, which is really cute.  You like to be all up in Parker’s business, which for the most part he is fine with, but there are moments he needs his space.  Y’all share snacks, toys, hugs, pushes, punches, and laughs on a daily basis.  Sometimes things get a little rough, but you tend to just shake it off and keep playing, a lot of times dishing back twofold what Parker does.  You are a resilient, funny little kid.  Have been since day one.




Last night I woke you up to change your diaper because that thing was f-u-l-l, and the way you were laying forced me to kind of cradle you instead of lay your head on my shoulder like I usually do, so I wound up holding you just like when you were a tiny baby, except last night your little legs stretched all the way around my waist and my arm started giving out sooner.  It made me realize how much you’ve grown, and how you are rapidly exiting that baby phase.  I’m not sad about it, because I am enjoying every second of who you (and Parker) are now, but it was a little bittersweet.  Is this where I start belting “Always Be My Baby?”  Because it feels super appropriate.

I love you.  Stay weird.  You’re in good company.

Love Always,




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