My name is Heather.  My husband is Andrew.  We live and work at a small college in Arkansas and almost get carried away by mosquitoes in the summers.  Our son, Parker, was born in May of 2012, and is just the strangest kid ever.  He’s wonderful.  We have a toy poodle named Mayfield and a tabby cat named December.

I guess you could call this a mommy blog, but then I might punch you, so you better find something else to call it.  Maybe like, A Blog That a Mom Writes But She Also Writes About Other Things But She Loves Her Child A Lot Too So Yeah, She Writes About Him A Lot.  There you go.  That’s my category.

And to answer the most frequently asked question regarding my blog, cake is my favorite food.  Green beans are also my favorite food.  A green bean cake, you suggest?  Nah, that’s just sick.

Questions?  Comments?  Knock yourself out:

Or feel free to email me:


Thanks, and enjoy the fish.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hannah J. says:

    Cool pic. Where is D’s face?

  2. Meg Mac says:

    D looks like a ferret in this picture??

  3. Hahahaha yes, she does! Yikes!

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